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DWIU Hotline - (214) 206-1220
The DWIU was formed Nov 2001 to foster a better relationship among
West Indians living in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth community,
while providing limited and necessary assistance to the needy as is
evident in the accomplishments of projects we have embarked upon.  
DWIU aims to bring Dallas and Fort Worth residents of all cultures
together to promote an appreciation of the diverse ethnicities in this
community. The personal goal for DWIU is to maintain a haven for all
West Indians living in the Dallas/Fort Worth community.

The idea to formulate the Dallas West Indies United came through the
initiative, insights and concern of Mr. Roy LaBeach and Mr. Harold
“Mike” Burrows after the death of Owen Sterling a very dear friend and
son of the West Indian community. These two individuals saw the dire
need to foster a harmonious relationships among the West Indians living
in the Dallas community and to try and reshape its image, while
rectifying the misconceptions of our neighbors, who tend to perceive
West Indians in a negative light. They wanted to defy the odds by
demonstrating their ability to organize, mobilize and most importantly
prove that West Indians could live in unity and be on one accord.

The idea was sold to some patriotic and civil-minded West Indians, who
came together and formed a Steering Committee that met on a weekly
basis for approximately 10 weeks. Those individuals worked tirelessly
and dedicatedly in getting the association successfully launched on
November 14, 2001. Members of the Steering Committee were Roy
LaBeach (chairman), Robert Lawrence (Secretary), Delroy Ebanks
(Sergeant of Arms), Keith Burrows, Harold Burrows, Andrew Dillon,
Alan Donaldson, Glanville "Cap" Evans, Altimond Henry, Keith Harrison,
Patrick Lee, Roy Lee, Errol Ebanks, Slim Augustine and Maria Lawrence.

All West Indians are invited to become a member of this young,
successful and fast growing association.